Saturday, July 5, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

This the Very First Post Ever on my blog. After months of admiring a lot of really cool, creative, crafty blogs I became inspired to start my own. I know my crafts and photography are no match for all this great inspiration, but hopefully someone will enjoy reading it.

So, why the name Periwinkle Prairie? Have you tried to name a blog lately? LOL You have to get pretty creative to come up with a name no one else is using. I started writing down words that I just like the sound of, or like the meaning or association of. Like periwinkle. And dragonfly. And daisy. DH suggested prairie, and somehow "periwinkle prairie" just clicked. Yea, I know, there are no periwinkles or prairies in my current blog header, but oh well! Enjoy!

1 comment:

Laura said...

I love the name of your blog! And I'm looking forward to reading it! :-)