Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello again, it must be summer!

Neglected blog? What neglected blog? Oh yea... this one. Well now school is finally out, Girl Scouts is taking a hiatus for a few months, Daisy is recovering from the flu (yea, that flu) and I have a little more free time.

I love the warm weather, I love sunny days, I love hanging out on our shady deck. Sunday morning I decided we all needed to have a pleasant, relaxing breakfast on the deck.

Sunday breakfast on the deck

I woke up really early, as I tend to do. It was a beautiful morning, so I went out in search of flowers I could put in a vase for the table. I don't have much blooming right now (need to remedy that! Hello, hubby, you need to set a date with the sod cutter...). But, as luck would have it, my peonies bloomed on Saturday, and I had some roses blooming. I made a nice little bouquet to add some cheer to the breakfast table.

I made my all time favorite french toast recipe (from a Cook's Illustrated cookbook) with cinnamon swirl bread, and cut up a bunch of fruit. Drizzled some warm maple syrup over the french toast.... mmmmmm.. it was wonderful!

Happy June!