Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Boo-boo-ies! And strawberries too!

When Buttercup was a toddler she used to call blueberries, "boo-boo-ies." This has kind of stuck and is a moniker we toss around quite a bit in our house.

This morning the girls and I decided to head over to Bauer Berry Farm to pick some of these:


It was a bit damp (rained last night) so we brought some Girl Scout sit-upons and an old towel. The weather really was perfect - cool and cloudy, but no rain. We brought two ice cream buckets and set to work.


It didn't take long to start getting a significant amount of berries in our bucket!


After awhile Buttercup got distracted by a nice big frog hopping around, and a little creeped out by several daddy-long-leg spiders crawling around the blueberry bushes. Daisy was quite the trooper and picked a lot of berries.

Then the girls thought we should ask if they still had strawberries for picking, and they did! So we consolidated our blueberries into one bucket and headed to the strawberry field. We ended up with a nice bucket of strawberries too.


In the end, both ice cream buckets were almost full, and now we have 4lbs of blueberries and 4lbs of strawberries. I think we need to get busy in the kitchen! I will probably freeze some of the blueberries... maybe make some freezer jam, maybe some blueberry buckle or cobbler or something. The girls were thinking about making smoothies. Yummy!

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