Monday, August 4, 2008

Horse cake

Horse cake

This post is like the other bookend to birthday season in our household (the previous post being the first bookend). My youngest had her birthday party on Saturday. She is waaay obsessed with horses, and wanted a horse/western theme to her party. I came across directions for making this cake, and it seemed perfect - and fairly easy.

Decorating it was a family affair - DH and our older daughter helped braid the licorice for the reins, and DH's cousin did the white mane for me. I think it turned out great!

The party was also a success - from my daughter greeting each guest saying, "Howdy pardner, welcome to the wild west!" to 10 kids devouring cake and ice cream in what seemed like seconds flat!

And now I can breathe a sigh of relief - no more birthday parties for another year!


Hope said...

Great looking cake. Love how you used the licorice? to make the reins.

Lisa said...

Love your cakes! Family Fun is so great for ideas. I used their pirate cake for my son in July. October is our big birthday month - the planning will start soon!